Lithium Processing

Metallurgical Innovation

Metallurgical Test Efforts

Driven to be more environmentally friendly and provide higher recoveries



The metallurgical test work being undertaken by United Lithium has several goals

  • More environmentally friendly – reduce energy and water consumption, recycle reagents, reduce reaction temperatures
  • Robust – putting together a single process to handle spodumene and petalite feed material from multiple sources
  • A complete solution that goes from rock to finished lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide

Successes to date

  • Produced a higher grade spodumene concentrate than typical
  • Better recovery of lithium in production of lithium carbonate than typical
  • Reduction in temperatures and reagent quantities than typical

Near-term work

  • Production of lithium hydroxide at bench scale
  • Innovation in calcination and chemical roasting
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2022 Planning

  • Pilot plant running mineralization from multiple projects, primarily from North America and Europe
  • Assessment and optimization of ancillary minerals (quartz, feldspar, micas, etc)
  • Test further increase in efficiencies of concentrate production by optimization using dense media separation (DMS), radiometric sorting, X-ray sorting, and optical sorting

Spodumene / Petalite Concentrate

Update on Innovative Flotation Test Work For Spodumene Recovery

  • Up to 8.39% Li2O produced in flotation concentrate testing
  • Up to 70.3% of the Li2O in the tested pegmatite recovered in flotation testing
  • Spodumene prices registered an 86% increase in September (FOB Australia) against a backdrop of tight raw material supply and surging chemical prices in China
Calcined flotation concentrate obtained from test # 1. Click to view larger image.
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Achieves higher than 99% pure lithium carbonate with A LEACH recovery exceeding 98%

Analysis of the process solutions related with Li2CO3 precipitation tests

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Assay of the final lithium carbonate product

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  • Higher than 99% pure lithium carbonate achieved
  • Over 98% Li2O leach recovered
  • Approximately 99% Li2O recovered from impurity removal stages
  • Test work to commence shortly on a direct lithium hydroxide from spodumene concentrate process






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