Kietyönmäki Project - Finland


The Kietyönmäki Lithium property capitalizes on three key elements: cost effective surface and near surface extraction; well established mining and transportation infrastructure and rapid fulfilment of tariff free sales to potential EU lithium customers.

United Lithium targets regional deposits and mining operations along with advanced infrastructure and proximity to customers allowing for rapid and cost-effective exploration, development and production opportunities.

Deposits and exploration. Click to view larger image
  • Red dots on map above show reported occurrences of lithium, tin, LREE. Many of these are not under exploration tenure.

  • Additional areas of nearby lithium occurrences can be acquired.
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Located 100km NW of Helsinki with very good infrastructure support . Click to view larger image.
Numerous surface showings, drilled intersections and large land holding. Click to view larger image.
Less than 50km from the new Valmet Automotive Battery Factory’s in Salo and 100km from their Uusikaupunki Battery Factory. Click to view larger image.
100km from the port of Pori, Finland Port is 250km from the Swedish Port of Norsondett Beside Bergby across the Bothnian Sea. Click to view larger image.


The 2022-2023 drilling program at Kietyönmäki comprised 13 diamond drill holes for a total of 1,449.40 m, and the collection of 100 percussion drill hole samples completed between September 2022 and February 2023. The diamond drilling aimed to complete both infill and expansion drilling on the Main Dyke, whereas the percussion drilling targeted discovery outside the Main Dyke. The drill program was successful in expanding the drill-confirmed length of the Main Dyke from 60 m to approximately 205 m and in confirming the depth of the body to at least 160 m depth below surface. Percussion drilling results highlight possible new pegmatites that warrant follow up drilling in 2024, with two occurrences located 100 m and 230 m southeast of the Main Dyke. The Main Dyke is spodumene and petalite bearing with some notable tin and tantalum mineralization with SnO₂ values up to 4,228 ppm and Ta₂O₅ up to 691 ppm.  Lithium-mineralization commonly continues beyond the margin of pegmatite intercepts into wall rock with values up to 0.59 % LiO in host mica schists and metavolcanics.


Mapping and sampling of the Kietyönmäki site located an extensive lithium-mineralized surface boulder field.

Assay results from 41 boulders shows Li₂O (lithium oxide) averaged 1.06% and ranged from 0.03% to 4.56%; and Ta₂O₅ (tantalum pentoxide) averaged 168ppm and ranged from 1 ppm to 499 ppm.

In 2022, United initiated a 10-hole, 1,000m drill program, further expanding to 13 diamond drill holes (~1,500m) and 100 shallow exploration percussion drill holes (~300m) in 2023. Results are expected in Q4 2023. 

In October 2023, the Company announced a further ~20,000 ha were claimed approximately 6km southeast of the Main Dyke at Kietyönmäki. The area hosted a known lithium-caesium-tantalum (“LCT”) pegmatite with a 2% historical sampling of Li₂O. The area is highly prospective for further LCT pegmatite discoveries. 

Outcropping spodumene pegmatite
Examing drill core


Further mapping located lithium mineralization in outcrop, as reported during December 2016. Fifteen samples from three outcrop areas returned Li2O averaging 1.71% and ranging from 0.01% to 4.65%; and Ta2O5 (tantalum pentoxide) averaging 133 ppm and ranging from 16 ppm to 803 ppm. Samples included representative chip samples, composite samples and selective grab samples depending on outcrop quality and were taken from three sites across an area of approximately 350m x 750m. In 2017, the first and only drill program was completed on the project. 28 of the 33 holes drilled on the property intersected lithium mineralization along an approximate 450m strike length. The deepest holes tested approximately 65m below surface with mineralization open along strike in both directions and well as down dip.

Historic Drilling

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Section diamond drill hole 6

Additional targets exist to the north side of Main Dyke, and to the SE

Section diamond drill holes 1, 2, & 3

Dykes are thinning and thickening along strike and vertically; more drilling is required to test targets along strike

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Historic Drilling

Diamond drilling and channel samples define significant deposit, worthy of further exploration

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