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The Bergby Project is a newly discovered Lithium deposit in central Sweden, near to the world famous Woxna graphite mine, the new Northvolt lithium battery gigafactory, and close to major mining and transportation infrastructure, workforce and equipment.

The Bergby project is secured by eight exploration licenses that cover a total of 7,897 Ha.

Bergby is optimally positioned to benefit from access
to the EU/UK market 
and the demands for alternative energy vehicle manufacturing, high tech devices and grid storage systems, proximity to next generation Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing plants, educational institutions and the development of Li-Ion research and development as well as an abundant supply of fresh water and low power costs for processing hard rock lithium bearing minerals cost effectively.

The property is prospective for near-surface lithium mineralization observed in surface boulders and outcrops, positioning the property for cost effective extraction potential.

Four Key Elements

Proximity to Highways and Rail
5 Drilled Lithium Pegmatites
Neighbouring deep water intercoastal port
Lithium battery gigafactory under construction nearby

2023 Drill Program

The 2023 Bergby Drill Program (the “Drill Program”) commenced in April 2023 (see news release dated April 20, 2023) with a plan to complete approximately 4,000 m of diamond drilling across a proposed 50 drill holes. The Drill Program is designed to test newly identified spodumene-bearing outcrops and to further define spodumene-bearing bodies along strike, down dip and with infill holes. In conjunction with drilling, prospecting and surface sampling were undertaken to continue identifying new spodumene-bearing outcrops and boulders.

Drilling was expanded to approximately 6,000 m due to encouraging results and is expected to be completed by Q1 2024. To date, 4,291.50 m has been completed across 50 holes in newly discovered Pegmatites D and E. Of these, 44 intercepted pegmatite and 38 holes have confirmed spodumene (visually identified). Pegmatites D and E lie 2,600 m and 3,200 m north northwest, respectively, from the first discovery, Pegmatite A, which was first drilled in 2017 by a previous operator.


*By United Lithium - As of November 21, 2023*

Pegmatite A
0 m

Status: Drilled

Pegmatite B
0 m

Status: Drilled

Pegmatite C
0 m

Status: Drilled

Pegmatite D
0 m

Status: Ongoing Drilling

Pegmatite E
0 m

Status: Ongoing Drilling

Pegmatite F
0 m

Status: To Be Drilled


project history

Spodumene-bearing pegmatite boulders were first described in the area of the Bergby Project in 2006 during a university field mapping course. In 2016, the project area was claimed by Leading Edge Materials Corp. (“Leading Edge”), who later identified an extensive lithium and tantalum mineralized pegmatite boulder field leading to several mineralized outcrops. Samples from some of these outcrops returned up to 4.65% Li2O and up to 803 ppm Ta2O5

Pegmatite A was drill-confirmed in 2017 by Leading Edge across two phases, with a total of 1,525 m completed in 33 holes, testing the body to 131 m depth and along 1,500 m strike length with the “discovery” hole returning 1.62% Li2O over 10.45 m from 2.2 m depth down hole (hole BBY17005). The modeled maximum true width of Pegmatite A is now 24 m, and it is drill defined down to 100 m below surface.

The Bergby Project was acquired by the Company in 2020 from Leading Edge, and drilling commenced on additional outcrop targets in late 2021. Between October 2021 and the end of 2022, the Company completed 9,511 m in 97 drill holes confirming two new pegmatites discoveries (Pegmatites B and C) and undertook further drilling on Pegmatite A. Highlights of drilling at Pegmatite B included 1.34% Li2O over 47.75 m from 2.25 m depth down hole (hole BBY21069, estimated true width of 10 m – see news release dated January 20, 2022). A highlight of drilling at Pegmatite C includes 2.39% Li2O over 2.03 m from 15 m depth down hole (hole BBY22128, estimated true width of 1.50 m – see news release dated May 23, 2023).

To date, 15,393.10 m of drilling in 180 holes has been completed at the project.

Bergby Project Location and Tenure
Bergby Project Pegmatite A, B & C Occurrences
Pegmatite D & E Drill Highlights

The Discovery

Further mapping located lithium mineralization in outcrop, as reported during December 2016. Fifteen samples from three outcrop areas returned Li2O averaging 1.71% and ranging from 0.01% to 4.65%; and Ta2O5 (tantalum pentoxide) averaging 133 ppm and ranging from 16 ppm to 803 ppm. 

Samples included representative chip samples, composite samples and selective grab samples depending on outcrop quality and were taken from three sites across an area of approximately 350m x 750m.

In 2017, the first drill program was completed on the project. 28 of the 33 holes drilled on the property intersected lithium mineralization along an approximate 450m strike length. The deepest holes tested approximately 65m below surface with mineralization open along strike in both directions and well as down dip.

Mapping and sampling of the Bergby site located an extensive lithium-mineralized surface boulder field. Assay results from 41 boulders shows Li2O (lithium oxide) averaged 1.06% and ranged from 0.03% to 4.56%; and Ta2O5 (tantalum pentoxide) averaged 168ppm and ranged from 1 ppm to 499 ppm.


The Bergby Project is situated within the Hamrånge synform in the west-central part of the Fennoscandian Shield. The stratigraphy in the area consists of mica schist overlain by 1.88 billion years (“Ga”) old felsic and mafic volcanic rocks, followed by metaquartzite (< 1.86 Ga) believed to have formed during an 1.86-1.83 Ga intra-orogenic phase. Geological and isotopic data suggests an oceanic island arc signature of the metavolcanic rocks. The surrounding 1.86 Ga granitoids of the Ljusdal Batholith is believed to have been formed in an active continental margin setting.  When not covered by till (typically less than 3 m depth), extensive pegmatite boulders and outcrops have been found on the Project. The strike of pegmatites follow the general trend of host rock foliation, NNW-SSW. All five drilled lithium-mineralized pegmatites at Bergby are spodumene bearing, with Pegmatite A also containing petalite. Pegmatite A displays a shallow 20° dip to the WNW, whereas the other four bodies (B, C,D and E) are more subvertical (at ~65° to 88°).

Pegmatite A - BBY17020 - Box 6
Pegmatite B - BBY21069 - Box 10
Pegmatite C - BBY22130 - Box 27
Pegmatite D - BBY22135 - Box 6

Current Work Program

2024 Axmarby Tenure

Axmarby Tenure















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